Welcome to “Thameen Application”. It is one of the biggest applications for selling and buying products. It provides users with the opportunity to display their new and used products under a significant number of categories. The same applies to buyers, who are given the chance to search for their needs and contact sellers for purchasing the products displayed in Thameen Application.

Herein the conditions that define the nature of agreement between you as a user and Thameen Application. These conditions govern user usage of products and services offered via Thameen Application in State of Kuwait. Thameen shall have the right to change any or all usage conditions or any other terms related to using the application at any time, by publishing new terms or conditions via the application. By accessing or using Thameen Application, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Language:

Thameen may provide a translation for the English version of terms and conditions to any other language. The purpose of any translation for the terms and conditions to any other language is convenience of reading and understanding only. Rather, the Arabic version shall govern your relation with Thameen. In addition, in case of any discrepancy between English version of such conditions and any other translation, the Arabic version shall prevail.

2. Personal Account:

To enjoy the services of Thameen Application, you have to create a personal account by an email and password entered by your knowledge. Such email shall be the approved email and you will be responsible for confidentiality of your account password, in addition to your acts and activities via your email. You have to choose an unpredictable password for being protected against third parties access. In all events, you will be solely responsible for accuracy of personal data and information or personal account. In our turn, we recommend all users to enter the first and last names in “Username” blank. Any names similar to application name, such as Thameen, shall be prohibited.

3. Thameen Application Usage:

You can use Thameen Application as per the following:

4. Ads:

Thameen Application is a platform for displaying ads, whether for the goods displayed on the application or any other products and services. It shall have the right to place ads in any plays proper for needs thereof. The user or ads owner shall have no right to contest the ads location or methodology of placing the ads. Thameen Application shall have the right to remove any ads, whether paid or not, in case of breaching these terms and conditions or the application public interest.

Whether a user of application or not, the ads owner shall be solely and completely liable for the ads content and authenticity, in addition he warrants that he has all necessary licenses as per the law for placing the ads and fir placing such ads or services. Thameen shall not be responsible for the ads, including the form, content, license or any other issue, as its role shall be limited to a platform for displaying the ads only.

5. Application General Conditions:

As being a user of Thameen Application, you will the sole responsible for your content that is published, transmitted or connected via the service. In other words, you will be exclusively responsible for all uploaded contents, emails or anything available otherwise via the service. As for the content published, transmitted via or connected through the service by you, you warrant, declare and guarantee the following:

    - You maintain and continue maintaining the licenses, rights, approvals and permissions necessary for using the content via the service or application during the time in which the content is available on the application (including for example, without limitation, all patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights and any other rights owned in and related to such content). You authorize Thameen Application to use such content to enable uploading and using there of as stated in the service, application and these terms and condition. You have a written consent, release and/or permission from any person or firm stated in the content for using the name or similarity of each person or firm to enable uploading and using thereof as stated in the service, application and these terms and condition.

    For avoidance of doubt, you maintain all property rights in such content. By providing any content to the application, thereby you grant Thameen irrevocable, incontestable, permanent all over the world, royalty-free, sublet and transferable license for using, reproducing, distributing and procuring any derivative works or displaying and undertaking the content concerning the application and Thameen performance, including, for example without limitation, for promoting and redistributing the application or any part thereof or the content stated therein (and the derivative works) in whatever means and via any media channel, known now or then. Thameen requests such rights for hosting and displaying your content. By publishing the content in any common area of the service, you agree and give Thameen, thereby, all necessary rights for prohibiting or permitting any compilation, displaying, copying, photocopying, reproducing or using the content later on the service or application by any party for whatever purpose breaching hereof. These rights shall be permanent, incontestable, valid and exercisable all over the world. Hereby, you grant the application users the non-exclusive permission to access the content via the application (excluding extraction of data and any other potential use for commercial purposes).

    The stated license for each user granted by you shall expire once you or Thameen remove or delete the content from the application.

    - Violation of any law or aspect of prohibited content policy.

    - Publication or any wrong or misleading ads.

    - Breach of any third parties’ right.

    - Copying, editing or publishing third party’s content.

    - Collecting information of other users, including the email or any other personal data.

    - Violation of any Thameen Application terms and conditions or violation of provisions of law in general.
6. Misuse of Thameen Application:

Kindly use the alert system for notifying us of any problems or improper content, as we work together for maintaining the right path of services provided by the application. In our turn, we shall terminate our services for whoever misuses the website and remove their content, in addition to taking the legal actions to maintain the rights of other users. In case any action was taken, the website shall not be responsible for the nature of any improper published content and any consequences thereof.

7. The following practices shall be prohibited on publishing via Thameen Application:

Kindly use the alert system for notifying us of any problems or improper content, as we work together for maintaining the right path of services provided by the application. In our turn, we shall terminate our services for whoever misuses the website and remove their content, in addition to taking the legal actions to maintain the rights of other users. In case any action was taken, the website shall not be responsible for the nature of any improper published content and any consequences thereof.

    - Publishing more than one account.

    - Publishing the repeated ads.

    - Publishing the ads of misleading addresses, content and pictures.

    - Publishing ads with wrong or misleading pictures.

    - Publishing ads in wrong categories.

    - Publishing ads with illogical prices.

    - Publishing ads with hyperlinks redirecting to other websites.

    - Uploading pictures containing names and contact numbers.

    - Publishing ads containing option of prepay or banks transfer.

    - Publishing ads of general content or general advertising content.

    - Publishing ads containing a number of goods.

    - Publishing wearable goods with no pictures.

    - Publishing fraudulent and deceitful ads.

    - or any practice that violates the terms and conditions of Thameen Application or contrary to the provisions of the law generally.

8. Intellectual property rights:

The materials on the electronic application other than the user content licensed by you under these terms, including but not limited to text, software, texts, graphics, images, audios, music, video, interactive features and the like (the "Materials"), trademarks, service marks and contained logos ("Marks") are owned or licensed to Thameen and are subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights under the laws of Kuwait, foreign laws and international treaties and conventions. In respect of such services, the Site may display specific trademarks belonging to third parties. The use of such trademarks may be subject to a license granted by the other to Thameen. In no case shall you make reverse engineering, disassemble or release any of the goods. Nothing in these Terms shall be construed as granting you any right in respect of such goods. The materials on the Application are provided to you for information and personal use only and may not be used, copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, broadcasted, displayed, sold, licensed or otherwise exploited for any other purpose whatsoever without the prior written consent of the concerned owners. Thameen reserves all rights not granted exclusively under these Terms and Conditions. You agree not to link or engage in the use, copying or distribution of any material other than those authorized under these Terms including any use, copying or distribution of third party materials obtained through the Electronic Application for any commercial purposes. You further agree not to circumvent, disable or otherwise interfere with the security features of the Web Site or the characteristics that prevent or restrict the use or copying of any material or limitations on the use of the electronic application or the materials contained therein. Content provided to or through the Service is protected by copyright as a work and / or collective compilation in accordance with copyright laws and other international laws and treaties. Any reproduction, modification or creation of works derived from or redistribution of the Site, Materials, Collective Work or Classification shall be strictly prohibited and expressly prohibits reproduction or reproduction of the Application or Materials or any part thereof on any server or other place for copying or additional redistribution.

9. Compensation:

As a user, you shall bear full legal liability for any violations of products by you, as the user only who bears legal responsibility for any violations or misleading information of the products displayed under the users account. and Thameen shall not be responsible for any compensation to third parties resulting from the sale of these products or any damages resulting from the breach of the seller’s obligations in respect of the goods offered or sold. The role of Thameen is limited to marketing for a commission agreed upon without any liability that excludes or limits the legal responsibilities and obligations of Thameen; and any rights you enjoy against Thameen are limited or excluded; and you assume any liability or obligation; and indemnify Thameen and other persons against any obligation or liability. To the fullest extent permitted by law, in accordance with these terms and conditions, you agree to expressly defend, indemnify and hold harmless and damages from any and all claims, damages, liabilities and losses (whether direct, indirect or consequential) and liabilities, costs or debt and expenses, resulting, for example, from (I) your breach of any of the provisions of these Terms; (ii) your violation of any third party’s right including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and other proprietary and privacy rights; or (iii) any claim that your content has caused harm to others. And to the extent permitted by law, the obligation to defend and indemnify shall remain in force after termination, modification or expiry of these Terms, and your use of the Service and the electronic application.

10. Assignments and limits of liability:

Thameen Application services are provided as they exist or available; and as a user, you agree not to hold the site responsible for any content posted by other users including but not limited to: advertisements or direct messages between users. The app does not guarantee the accuracy of existing ads, communications, security, or Compliance with the laws in them, because most of what is published on the application is by users; in addition to the lack of continuous access to services, and there is no system of immediate warning services and this is beyond our control; including delay or postpone due to your location or Internet network. In accordance with the legal limit, we are not responsible for any implied warranties, conditions and terms of express or implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for the purpose of which they are manufactured. We are also not responsible for any loss, whether by money (including profit), good reputation or any special or indirect damages resulting from your use of the Site, even if we are informed of or expect such a thing.

11. Fees and Services:

In general, advertising on the open market is free, but we charge a fee for some of the services we provide to users. If you use a service for which we charge a fee, you will be required to review and approve it. Payment is either in local currency, and we may change this mechanism from time to time; notify you of any change to the payment policy by posting it on the app; we may select some changes in the terms of payment temporarily when posting on the application. On the other hand, these fees are nonrefundable and you must pay them; if you do not do so, we will cancel the validity of the service you used.

12. Advertising Agencies:

This term refers to the third party, the agent or the service or the publication of the content of my services on behalf of others, and the policy of Thameen Application prohibits such advertisement, either directly or indirectly without obtaining a written permission of Thameen - In addition, the publication of advertisements on behalf of the parties except with a written permission or a license from the same site.

13. Personal Information:

When you use Thameen Application you agree to collect, transfer, store and use your personal information on various other sites and applications by the application; and to securely enhance all personal information.

14. The applicable law and jurisdiction:

You agree and consent as a user the settlement of any disputes through the courts of Kuwait at all levels and in accordance with the provisions of the Kuwaiti law.